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Marketing Agency for Amazon - Experts for your Business

Sustainable growth with us as Full-service agency for Amazon for

Over 50 % of digital product searches start directly on Amazon - and Amazon continues to expand its market share year after year. This results in enormous revenue potential for brands, but also increases competition for good positions in search results.

Do you lack the know-how, manpower or time? Or do you simply want to make sure you are among the top sellers on Amazon?

Rely on the support of a professional agency for Amazon to benefit from Amazon as a business. At Blankspace, we will accompany your Amazon presence as a co-pilot and help you get the most out of Amazon.

Our solutions as agency for Amazon for you as co-pilot

Full service agency for Amazon for your business

It's never too late for good Amazon positioning. As an agency for Amazon, we understand the Amazon A-10 algorithm and  optimize your Amazon presence so your products show up in the top search results. We are your co-pilot for Amazon and help you with all or selected following areas as a flexible full-service agency for Amazon:

Why our Co-Pilots service?

"With the co-pilot support, we make our expertise available to our business partners and enable them to focus on core business issues such as product range expansion, product quality, and procurement. The performance-based compensation provides the right incentives for a successful long-term collaboration. There is no more efficient way to grow your Amazon business."

Julian Wächter
Managing Director

The Blankspace Difference - Why we are your #1 Agency for Amazon

As a full-service agency for Amazon, we take the "your business is our business" approach. It's important to us that every brand we serve feels like our own company - one for which we're willing to always give 150 % to achieve extraordinary results. For this reason, as an Agency for Amazon, we do not work on an hourly basis, but on a success-based basis. Our Agency goal as Amazon Experts is to work with you to successfully place your brand on Amazon for the long term.

Long-term perspective instead of short-term thinking
Willingness to take risks & success-based remuneration
Partnership-based approach
100 % focus on Amazon
Startup Speed
Case Studie - Amazon Strategie

Umsatzwachstum durch erfolgreiche Umsetzung von Vendor-Seller Hybrid Strategie.

Der Mittelständler HVI suchte eine Möglichkeit, mit seinen Marken beo und acamp, seine Umsätze zu erhöhen, und dabei gleichzeitig seine Freiheiten in Produkt- und Preisstrategie zu maximieren. Lesen Sie, wie Blankspace durch die erfolgreiche Umsetzung einer VenSel Strategie HVI dabei verhalf, den Umsatz innerhalb eines Jahres zu vervielfachen und dabei die Profitabilität nachhaltig zu erhöhen.

What our Agency Co-pilots say about us

Norbert Fleischer

"With Blankspace, we have found an agency for Amazon and, above all, a partner who has understood our Amazon needs, supports the strategy excellently and can help implement it operationally at any time."

Find out what we can do for your business as an full-service agency for Amazon.

Contact us. Whether advice, questions or concrete ideas, talk to us – we’d love to help.

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FAQs - Frequently asked questions about Agencys for Amazon

What does a agency for Amazon cost?

Most Amazon agencies operate on a monthly retainer or on fixed hourly and daily rates. Hourly rates vary depending on the service and experience of the agency or even the seniority of the respective employee. They often range from €90 to €200 per hour.

Why do some agencies for Amazon also work on revenue share?

To work on revenue share is much more risky for a agency, because in the case of an application, in addition to the risk of their own work to be responsible, also the risk for the work of the partner (example delivery bottleneck, stock empty) and the market risk (market demand decreases). On the other hand, revenue sharing provides the right incentives to make maximum effective use of the company's own employees. It is important to create a win-win situation for both sides. If this is the case, revenue sharing can be the best way to work together.

What advantages does a agency for Amazon offer?

Working with a agency for Amazon ensures companies access to various benefits:

Broad Amazon expertise: a specialized agency for Amazon builds this not only by serving many different customers from different industries. Also, the continuous training of employees through knowledge transfer with colleagues and participation in industry-specific conferences ensures that employees Amazon Agency always remain up to date. 

Specialized software: A agency for Amazon has the necessary budget to test different Amazon tools and use specialized Amazon software.

Flexible workforce: A agency for Amazon can efficiently implement projects in a timely manner, as no time is needed for additional recruiting or employee training. In addition, employees with Amazon expertise are very expensive and hard to find, which can greatly delay project startup and implementation.

Meaningful reporting: Amazon reporting and figures are often confusing. A good agency for Amazon provides clear and understandable reports that show the most important Amazon KPIs.

Why do I need a agency for Amazon?

Due to increasing competitive pressure and growing complexity, fewer and fewer brands and retailers are achieving their business goals on Amazon - or, in some cases, are unaware that they are not even realizing their full potential. This is because not all Amazon merchants benefit equally from Amazon's growth. A few, well-positioned brands are benefiting more than average, while many other brands are struggling with slight growth, stagnation, or recently even declining sales. This is partly due to the fact that 70% of sales are made on the first page of search results. So if your products don't show up on this page, but are among the thousands of alternative products, you won't be able to generate relevant sales either. 

To define your Amazon goals and achieve them, brands and retailers therefore increasingly rely on the expertise of a agency for Amazon.