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Amazon advertising or Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the most important measures for success on Amazon as an effective traffic supplier. However, due to increasing competition, prices are becoming more and more expensive for the same advertising space, so costs can quickly get out of hand.

With us as your PPC agency for Amazon, you will always have your costs under control. Our PPC experts for Amazon will also develop a scalable growth strategy for you and translate it into revenue growth for your business.

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Benefits of PPC on Amazon - Why you should run Amazon ads.

  • Attract new customers:
    Existing product sales are often related to customers searching directly for your brand on Amazon. As a PPC agency for Amazon, we use Amazon advertising specifically to convince customers of your products who are not yet familiar with your brand.

  • Scalable Growth:
    Once your best sellers and the search terms customers use to find and buy your product are identified, we use these data points to drive maximum traffic to your product pages via those same search terms. As a result, you achieve a strong increase in sales with high profitability.

  • More organic traffic:
    When executed correctly, Amazon PPC improves organic rankings by positively influencing all ranking-related factors. A positive, self-reinforcing cycle is thus set in motion.

Amazon-Expertise – Geschultes Agentur-Team für erstklassige Ergebnisse

Als professionelle, auf Amazon-spezialisierte Agentur legen wir großen Wert auf die Expertise unserer Mitarbeiter. Um unser Wissen stets auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten, nehmen wir regelmäßig an fachkundigen Amazon-Schulungen teil. Dadurch garantieren wir unseren Kunden erstklassige Dienstleistungen, die auf den aktuellsten Kenntnissen und Best Practices basieren.

Our services as a PPC agency for Amazon

The planning and implementation of advertising measures is part of the daily business of a PPC agency for Amazon. The goal is to direct as many qualified visitors as possible to the product pages and thereby maximize sales at given advertising costs. We ensure this with the following services:

What our PPC agency co-pilots say about our experise for Amazon.

Susanne Leiding
Managing Director
Sondermoment GmbH

"When looking for an PPC agency for Amazon, it was important to me that we grow strongly within a given budget. Blankspace has significantly exceeded my expectations."

These are the formats we use to get your Amazon PPC traffic

Sponsored Product Ads

The standard ad format. Placements include ads in search results, product pages, or categories.

Sponsored Brand Ads

This is where the brand takes center stage. Placements include banners at the top of search results or as a video in search results.

Sponsored Display Ads

Product or interest-based targeting. Retargeting also possible.


Learn more about our Co-Pilot Service

“With co-pilot support, we provide our business partners with our expertise and enable them to focus on core topics such as product range expansion, product quality and procurement. The success-based remuneration provides the right incentives for a successful long-term cooperation. There is no more efficient way to grow your Amazon business.”

Julian Wächter
Managing Director

The Blankspace Advantage - Why we are your #1 PPC Agency for Amazon.

As an PPC agency for Amazon, we have built deep expertise in many different industries over the past few years by serving our clients as well as our own brands. With our Amazon PPC agency, we work under the motto "your business is our business". This includes not only monitoring your advertising spend on a daily basis, but also continuously looking for growth opportunities. Our goal is to successfully place your brand on Amazon together with you in the long term. Thanks to performance-based compensation, we are also not an PPC agency for Amazon that puts the pen aside after a certain number of hours, but always gives 150 %.

Long-term perspective instead of short-term thinking
Willingness to take risks & success-based remuneration
Partnership-based approach
100 % focus on Amazon
Startup Speed
Case Studie - Amazon Strategie

Umsatzwachstum durch erfolgreiche Umsetzung von Vendor-Seller Hybrid Strategie.

Der Mittelständler HVI suchte eine Möglichkeit, mit seinen Marken beo und acamp, seine Umsätze zu erhöhen, und dabei gleichzeitig seine Freiheiten in Produkt- und Preisstrategie zu maximieren. Lesen Sie, wie Blankspace durch die erfolgreiche Umsetzung einer VenSel Strategie HVI dabei verhalf, den Umsatz innerhalb eines Jahres zu vervielfachen und dabei die Profitabilität nachhaltig zu erhöhen.

Find out what we can do for your business as an PPC agency for Amazon.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about PPC Agencys for Amazon

What is the task of an PPC agency for Amazon?

Depending on the company's budget, an important part of an PPC agency or a PPC manager for Amazon is to target the ads in such a way that as many qualified visitors as possible are directed to the product pages and buy the corresponding product. However, the goal of a PPC agency for Amazon may not only be to increase the client's sales, but also, for example, to expand market share on Amazon or brand awareness.

What does PPC on Amazon cost?

The PPC advertising costs on Amazon can not be determined across the board. Advertising costs are mostly charged by Amazon per click, hence the term Amazon PPC (pay-per-click). Click prices range from the low cent range to several euros per click - depending on the marketplace, product category, search term, ad type and ad positioning. For example, banner or product placement ads at the top of search results cost significantly more per click than ads displayed for the corresponding search term on page 2, 3, or 4.

For a company, the Amazon PPC total cost is therefore determined by the sum of the clicks multiplied by the CPC (cost-per-click). It is recommended to rely on the expertise of a PPC agency or a PPC manager for Amazon in order to use the Amazon PPC budget in the most effective way.