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With Amazon Around the World – The Amazon Marketplaces Worldwide in Focus

The vast Amazon network offers numerous perspectives. We will show you which Amazon marketplaces you should definitely keep an eye on.

In the past few years, Amazon has experienced rapid growth and has become the largest online marketplace in the world. But Amazon's strong presence is not limited to the USA and Europe; it is also gaining importance in other parts of the world. In this blog post, we take you on a tour through the Amazon universe and take a look at the Amazon marketplaces worldwide. We address the question 'In which countries is Amazon available in 2023?' and show you the relevance of each Amazon marketplace in the international comparison.

Amazon North America

USA: The Largest and Most Competitive Marketplace in the World

Undoubtedly, the most well-known and largest Amazon marketplace is the US market. It currently accounts for approximately 69.3% of Amazon's revenue and attracts nearly three billion website visitors each month. The significant potential of the US market also makes Amazon.com appealing to German companies. However, the numbers also reveal that Amazon.com is the most fiercely contested and saturated marketplace. A successful product launch often requires a considerable marketing budget to establish a sustainable position on the marketplace. Although Amazon.com primarily caters to US-based sellers, a large number of sellers are located outside the country – for instance, more than half of the top sellers on the US marketplace are from China.

Mexico and Canada: Growing Presence 

Similar to the European "Unified Account," US sellers can set up a unified seller account that includes not only the USA but also covers Canada and Mexico. This gives you the opportunity to create listings on one, two, or all three marketplaces and reach a broad audience. Since its launch in 2015, Amazon.com.mx has evolved into one of the largest marketplaces in Latin America. Within the country, Amazon Mexico competes primarily with other E-commerce platforms based in Central and South America, such as Mercado Libre and Coppel, as well as with the American company Walmart.

The Canadian Amazon marketplace is also an opportunity for US sellers to expand their customer base. In 2013, the company introduced Amazon Prime in Canada and expanded it in the following years to become the market-leading platform. In 2021, Amazon.ca topped the E-commerce market in Canada with a revenue of 9.8 million US dollars, followed by Walmart and Costco. Even in 2023, Amazon.ca remains highly popular, attracting approximately 165 million visitors per month.

Amazon South America

Brazil: The Largest Amazon Market in South America 

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing E-commerce markets worldwide. Amazon has long set its sights on South America and launched its first South American Amazon marketplace in Brazil in 2012. Besides Amazon, MercadoLibre and Americanas.com are major players in the Brazilian E-commerce market.

Colombia and Chile: New Marketplaces in 2023 

In 2023, Amazon plans to expand its marketplaces to Colombia (February 2023) and Chile (April 2023), further establishing its presence in South America.

Amazon Europe

Germany & United Kingdom: The Top Leaders in Europe 

In terms of search volume and Amazon revenue, Germany and the United Kingdom are the largest European marketplaces. Amazon Germany attracts over 500 million visitors every month and hosts a number of top sellers. With $33.6 billion in Amazon revenue in 2022, Germany also ranks 2nd among the top-grossing Amazon marketplaces worldwide, followed by the UK with $30 billion in revenue. The UK marketplace draws an impressive 400 million visitors monthly.

France, Italy & Spain: The Middle Ground 

Although not as busy as Germany and the UK, the French Amazon marketplace attracts around 200 million visitors per month. The most purchased products in the French online retail are items from the fashion and footwear categories. Additionally, electronics, groceries, and household appliances are also popular. Similar to Amazon.fr, the Italian marketplace currently records around 200 million monthly visitors. Like in France, Amazon also leads the e-commerce market in Italy.

In comparison to France and Italy, Spain ranks behind in the international comparison of European countries. On Amazon.es, an average of 150 million visitors is recorded monthly. The Spanish marketplace is usually considered as the first entry into Europe for sellers on Latin American marketplaces.

Netherlands: Amazon Catching Up

Especially for German sellers, the Netherlands offer an ideal entry market for internationalization, as consumer habits strongly resemble those in the DACH region. However, Amazon is not the leading marketplace in the Netherlands. Currently, Bol.com dominates the market, but Amazon is catching up. Besides growing visitor numbers, Amazon.nl currently shows a higher average session duration and a lower bounce rate than Bol.com.

Sweden, Poland, and Belgium: The Smaller Amazon Marketplaces in Europe 

Sweden has recently received its own Amazon marketplace and, in the first quarter of 2023, averages around 14 million visitors per month. Its reach is comparable to that of Poland. While in the past, sellers were able to store goods in Amazon fulfillment centers in Poland and sell from there, since 2021, the country has its own Amazon marketplace, which currently attracts an average of 15 million visitors per month, slightly surpassing Sweden.

Since September 2022, Belgium has also become part of the Amazon universe. However, Amazon is not unfamiliar here, as Belgians had previously ordered from Amazon.fr and Amazon.de. It remains to be seen how Amazon will compete against the Dutch competitors Coolblue and Bol, who currently dominate the Belgian market. 

Amazon Middle East 

Turkey: Amazon Struggles

Amazon has been active in Turkey since 2018. However, the e-commerce giant seems to be facing challenges in establishing a strong presence. In a survey conducted by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in November 2020, foreign companies cited the weak domestic currency and declining profit margins as the biggest obstacle to gaining a foothold in Turkey. Instead of ordering from Amazon, customers in Turkey primarily prefer to shop on the online marketplace Hepsiburada.

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia: Amazon as Successor to Souq.com

Amazon launched its operations in both countries following the acquisition of the online shopping website Souq.com. In the first quarter of 2023, Amazon.ae recorded an average of 21.3 million visitors. Currently, there are three fulfillment centers in the United Arab Emirates, all located in Dubai. Additional location openings are planned for 2023 and 2024. Amazon Saudi Arabia, with approximately 16.6 million visitors per month, lags behind its neighboring state in terms of traffic. 

Amazon Asia

Japan: Number 4 in the International Comparison  

With $24.4 billion Amazon marketplace revenue in 2022, Japan ranks fourth among the world's highest-grossing Amazon marketplaces. It is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Asia, as evident in the first quarter of 2023, where an average of 577 million visitors per month found their way to Amazon.co.jp. The most popular categories on the marketplace include Otaku products, electronics, and toys.

India: Emerging Market 

The Indian Amazon marketplace has already proven itself as one of the most attractive Amazon marketplaces worldwide, with around 314 million visitors per month. This is especially true for those who already collaborate with factories in India. The potential of Amazon.in is vast, and many local and foreign players are vying to conquer this rapidly developing market. In India, the Walmart-owned company Flipkart is considered one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and the biggest competitor to Amazon. 

Singapore: In the Shadow of Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon.com

Amazon.sg is the official Amazon marketplace in Singapore and recorded approximately 6 million visitors per month in the first quarter of 2023. Currently, Amazon operates only one fulfillment center in Singapore, indicating further growth potential in the market. This might be one of the reasons why Amazon.com is currently more popular than the local Amazon marketplace in Singapore. Market leaders in Singapore are the e-commerce platforms Lazada and Shopee, which are ahead of Amazon.com and Amazon.sg. 

Amazon Africa

Egypt: The First Step into Africa 

Since 2021, Amazon has also established its presence on the African continent, specifically in the pyramid state of Egypt. Similar to its sister portals in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Amazon replaced the localized e-commerce shop Souq.com with Amazon.eg. Currently, Amazon.eg attracts around 19 million visitors per month. 

South Africa and Nigeria: New Marketplaces in 2023 

In 2023, Amazon entered additional markets in Africa, starting with South Africa in February 2023, followed by Nigeria in April 2023. These countries are particularly interesting because they connect the central and southern parts of the continent. 

Amazon Oceania

Australia: From Imports to Own Fulfillment Centers

In 2017, a dedicated Amazon Marketplace was established in Australia. While Amazon was already active in Australia before, its trade volume was significantly limited as Amazon imported goods to Australia without having its own fulfillment centers in Down Under. This resulted in long delivery times for Australian customers. However, today, alongside eBay and Gumtree Australia, Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the country, attracting an average of 55 million visitors per month.

Conclusion: Amazon Marketplaces Worldwide at a Glance 

In recent years, an increasing number of countries have been equipped with their own Amazon marketplace. This development is not yet complete, as indicated by the new market entries in Nigeria, South Africa, Chile, and Colombia in 2023. While the US marketplace remains the most significant worldwide in terms of search volume and sales on Amazon, it is also worthwhile to look at other Amazon marketplaces globally if you want to be successful as an international seller. Besides Germany, the UK, and Japan, there is also a growing demand in India, presenting new and interesting perspectives.

Expanding to emerging Amazon marketplaces offers sellers worldwide enormous opportunities to showcase their products to a new audience and increase their sales. However, sellers must also understand the challenges and regulatory requirements in each market and prepare accordingly. If you want to expand and extend your Amazon business to international marketplaces, an agency specializing in Amazon can assist you in overcoming market entry barriers and help you conquer Amazon marketplaces worldwide successfully.

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